$100 ground beef only bundle

$100 ground beef only bundle


$100 ground beef only bundle


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100 ground beef only bundle. Approximately 12.5 pounds.

The beef will be processed as soon as all the shares are booked. Reserve your share of $100 worth of ground beef now! We sell in $100 bundles. Roughly around 12.5 pounds at $7.95 per pound actual meat weight. This is some of the best ground beef you will have. Our ground beef does not include the trimmings only. Our ground beef is some of the finest ground including all your prime cuts, like the ribeyes, fillet, Strip, sirloin brisket, chuck, round and all the other cuts. Can’t find this kind of ground beef for this price.

Treat your self and your family with beef that you know where it came from. We take care of the whole process for you. We as farmers have to sell in shares for your household consumption. Processing is included. You are buying your share of beef of approximately 12.5 pounds. It will be processed in a custom process facility, To be consumed by your household. Not to be resold. Buy local and healthy!

Farm to Table!

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