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We are a local family farm that raise Angus beef.

We are located in Palmetto, FL.

Quality beef!


They are fed a healthy diet of grass, produce and grain.

When you buy this beef, you know exactly what you are buying and where it’s coming from and supporting local farmers.

Raised on our farm.

If you get a half share or more, you can have it cut any way you’d like.

The beef is processed monthly and ready to go within 2 weeks.

Reserve your share now!

An Eighth share of beef, most of the time fits in a regular house freezer/refrigerator combo.

We sell in eighths, quarters, halves or whole beef shares.

For a quarter share, we would equally divide the half share in to 2.

For an eighth share, we would equally divide the half share in to 4.

Estimated Breakdown of a half share of our standard cuts:

10-12 T-Bones or 10-12 NY Strips and 10-12 Filets
10-12 Ribeyes
3-4 Packages of short ribs ( anywhere from 3 to 8 short ribs per package )
4-8 Chuck eye steaks
4 Flat Irons
1-3 Tenderloin
4-6 Denver Steaks
1 Picanha
1 Shoulder Tender
1 Chuck Tender
4-6 Sirloin Steaks
4-6 Sirloin Tip Steaks
3 or so Chuck Roasts
2-4 Shoulder Steaks
1 Shoulder Roast
4-7 Skirt Steaks
6 Eye Round Steaks
1 Eye Round Roast
6-8 Shanks/ Osso Bucco
1 Brisket cut in half
1 Rump Roast
1 Tri Tip
1 Flank
4-5 Packages of Cubed Steak
2-4 Packages of London Broil
2-4 Packages of Stew meat
1 Sirloin Tip Roast
27- 40 Roughly Ground Beef Packages

You are buying your share of the beef. We take care of the whole process for you. Processing is included.

$6.95 per pound hanging weight for a 1/4 , 1/2 or whole share.
$7.45 per pound hanging weight for a 1/8 share.

For example:
If the hanging weight of the beef is 455 pounds, which breaks down to
Whole would be 455 lbs = $3162.25
Half would be 227.5 lbs = $1581
Quarter would be 113.75 lbs = $790.50.
Eighth would be 57 lbs = $424.65

If the hanging weight of the beef is 950 pounds, which breaks down to
Whole would be 950 lbs = $6602.50
Half would be 475 lbs = $3301.25
Quarter would be 237.5 lbs = $1650.63
Eighth would be 118.75 lbs = $884.69

Weights will vary but the price is the same per pound hanging weight.

We also have Wagyu Beef shares for $3 more per pound hanging weight.

You are buying your share of beef in quantities of one eighth, one quarter, one half or a whole. It will be processed in a custom process facility, To be consumed by your household. Not to be resold. Therefore it will be stamped as not for sale.

Buy local and healthy!

Farm to Table!

Can’t find this kind of beef at this price.

This is healthy, tender young beef.

Farmers have been selling beef this way for hundreds of years and we are keeping the tradition going, like it was always meant to be, from our farm, to your table. 

This way we are able to control how we raise our animals.


Beef Share Options

Price is $6.95 per pound hanging weight for 1/4, 1/2 or whole share. $7.45 per pound hanging weight for an 1/8 share.


We bought a half side of beef a couple of months back. Just wanted you to know this is some of the best beef we've ever eaten. So you've got us now as customers!

Glenn R.

My husband and I are really happy with our beef purchase from Make It Happen Ranch! The owners are very sweet. Great quality beef! Some of the best beef I've ever tasted! I love that there are no extra hormones and shots. Also a big fan of the clear packaging. Definitely recommend them and look forward to future purchases with them.

Emma D.